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Broken link finders are tools that search the web for websites with broken links. These link finders are commonly used by content publishers to catch their own errors, or by individuals who want to make sure they've maximized the usefulness of their website. Websites known as Broken Link Checkers, Broken Link Checker, and Broken Links Finder are all examples of broken link checkers that work in this manner.

Broken links can be a huge problem for webmasters, as it's impossible to know the never-ending number of places where a hyperlink may exist. The Broken Links Finder application makes finding broken links as easy as possible by scanning your site and locating any errors in the link. This application not only finds broken links, but also provides an easy way for you to update those broken links so that they work again.

Every business relies on the internet in some way. With so many websites striving to attract online traffic, they sometimes forget about their links. Broken links can be a significant problem for any website, and it is possible that your site may have some broken links that you are unaware of.

A broken link can happen for a number of reasons, from when the original page goes down to when someone changes or deletes a URL. Are you trying to go directly to a link to read an article, but are finding that the site has gone offline? Or, do you have a list of links that are broken? If so, then this article is for you. There are many websites that offer broken link finders to try and help. These include, but are not limited to: Outwit Hub, Unclogged, Trackitdown. Link,, and Yahoo Find It!