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In today's world, people have a tendency to have private conversations on social media or through text messages. In this article, I will be discussing the pros and cons of using email for private communication.
I will be listing 5 reasons why it is a bad idea to use email for private communications:
1) It can take a long time for an email to reach its destination.

Government officials do not have the power to access your email messages without first obtaining a warrant or court order. However, email messages are stored on servers located in many different countries and subject to the privacy policies of each country. These storage locations may be required to turn over your messages if they are requested by law enforcement officials with a valid request.

The government cannot access your emails without first obtaining a warrant or court order.

Recently, the best free email service 1Password announced that it would stop offering 1 year worth of protection to its users. With the increase in breaches and hacks over the past couple years, this should come as no surprise to anyone. However, with this news, many people are concerned about their safety and security -- especially those who relied on only 1Password for their online safety.

There is a global debate about the privacy of email communication. It has been around since the technology first came into use, and there are plenty of articles and blogs on the topic. Email companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as private entities like banks, store customer data in their servers. The email sent from one user to another (or company) stays on these servers, including attachments and content.

Email use is ubiquitous and emails are often used as a way to work out details, set up meetings, and provide directions. With the advent of technology and an always-on global environment, there’s never been more opportunity to communicate with clients, co-workers and friends.

For those who want to protect their privacy, however, there is a downside: email is one way to send sensitive information, especially over unsecured networks.