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Page speed is an important aspect of any website, as it is the user's perception of how fast their computer loads a page. The Page Speed Checker tool on Google Analytics will analyze your page and provide feedback on what you can do to optimize your site for better speed. Once you have analyzed your site, you will be able to see which areas are causing the most delay in loading each page, which will give you an idea of where to start looking first.

Page speed optimization can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are websites out there that help to keep your site optimized by checking its performance against the benchmark established by Google PageSpeed Insights.

Page Speed Checker is a new Chrome extension that helps you identify and fix the problems that might be slowing down your website. ← It starts by measuring how long it takes for a web page to fully load on your browser. The Page Speed Checker extension identifies the issues and recommends solutions based on what’s slowing down your site. Instead of guessing, this tool will give you a more accurate diagnosis of how to speed up your site.

Page Speed is a website that provides comprehensive site speed insight and analysis. Visitors to the site enter the URL of their website and within seconds receive a detailed report including: Page Speed; Site Loading; Page Size; Geolocation; and Page Views. The website also includes an optimized checklist that provides straightforward solutions for how to speed up your site at effectively recover lost time.

It is relatively unknown, even to many webmasters, that Google has a page speed tool. Page load time is an important factor in how users look at a webpage and can lead to bad reviews or even the removal of the page from search engine listings forever. But, with this resource, you can find out if your site is loading too slowly and see what changes may need to be made to improve speed.