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If you are interested in knowing how your site ranks against Google’s PageSpeed insights, then the PageSpeed Insights Checker is a free tool to use. This tool analyzes your site’s performance and usability. The tool has three different options for analyzing website performance, including mobile, desktop or both. You can also set it to check your site against Google’s PageSpeed insights, so you will know how you rank compared to other websites on the web.

In this article, we will provide a review of what PageSpeed insights does, how it can be used to improve site speed and the tool's features. PageSpeed Insights Checker is a free online web app that provides insight into the site's performance and offers suggestions on how to optimize it.

If you are curious about how your site is performing with regard to JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other factors that affect web page loading speed, there's an online tool for that called PageSpeed insights checker.

The PageSpeed insights checker will scan your website and tell you what it can do to make your site load faster.

The Google Chrome extension, PageSpeed Insights Checker, is an easy-to-use tool that can easily track the performance of your website in relation to the Google Web Performance best practices. You can see what you might need to work on in your page’s optimization by using the extension to take a quick look at your site. Webmasters and website developers need to be aware of the importance of site speed as it can affect their ranking in search engine results pages, customer satisfaction rates, and conversion rates. Websites that load quickly result in customers spending more time on those sites, which can reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rates. The PageSpeed Insights Checker is a free tool on Google's Developer Tools site that provides information about a site’s mobile and desktop user experience on Google Chrome browsers.