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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

The piece of software is a training tool for developers. It is designed to simulate what Google and Bing may encounter when they crawl a site. The developer can see how Google and Bing spiders identify, retrieve, and rank the pages on its site. Some of the interactions that can be simulated are entering page content, adding metadata, and creating links between pages.

Many of the most popular websites on the Internet are ranked by their Google PageRank. This is often a key factor in determining how and where a website will rank. However, not everyone who visits the Internet accesses these sites using a PC or laptop. A search engine spider simulator can give you an idea of how your website appears to someone coming from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

A new website, Search Engine Spider Simulator, allows anyone to experience what it is like to crawl through the web as a search engine spider.

This article is about a free web-based tool that can simulate what it is like to be the search engine spider. This tool allows you to use your keyboard to crawl around the web like a crawler, accessing pages and following links.

A few months ago, I released a search engine spider simulator to the public. The idea is to see how a search engine would crawl and index your website. It's been really successful and has generated interest from hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs who want to try it out and share their feedback. With so much interest in this project, I figured it might be time to release an update with some new features and bug fixes.